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What causes the static effect on hair?

hair get static

The static effect is obtained when two objects that are unlike each other are made to be rubbed. This causes the electrons to get transferred from one object to the other. When the electrons are left this turns to be a positive charge and the object that gains the electrons will turn to be negative. Even if you take swapping, this will even cause your hair to get some electric charges to turn...

How to prevent quick oily hair?


It is not that every people will have the same kind of hair type one will differ from the other. Each hair type has to be maintained differently and it is your responsibility to know about how to handle them. Some of the hair types will get oily so soon and to prevent quick oily hair you can have a look at this article to get some ideas based on it and also to treat your hair with those tips in...

How can you make use of a banana hair mask for damaged hair?

damaged hair

The banana contains a lot of beneficial substances that will enhance the growth of your hair and also treat your hair in the best way. This will make the root of your hair to become thick and also will improve the specialty of your hair. To treat your damaged hair you can make use of the banana and you can add some of the essential things that will help you in the group and also step out of...

What are the pros and cons of making use of Apple cider vinegar for hair?

Apple cider vinegar

Making use of Apple cider vinegar for your hair will give you a lot of benefits. This apple cider vinegar contains a lot of vitamins which will be a good source for the growth of hair. Mainly this contains vitamin C&B and in addition to this, it contains Alpha hydroxyl acid which controls the inflammation that is present in your scalp region. When you make use of any kind of product you will...