MerMagic Con Staff


Features Editor

Noreen Hurt

Noreen Hurt is an actor and award-nominated playwright based in New York City. She has had plays produced in New York, Massachusetts, California and the UK. She is a contributing comedy writer and a sketch writer. Noreen is passionate about performing and writing stories that are female driven, depicting gritty, clever and tenacious women. Noreen holds an MA in Acting from the School of Acting.

Staff Writer

Melanie Derossett

Melanie Derossett is a singer, actor, writer, and arts educator, hailing from New York City. She graduated from College with her BFA in Musical Theatre and her BA in Creative Professional Writing. As a writer, she has published fiction, poetry, and literary criticism in Magazine. Currently, she serves as the Proofreader and Final Typist for the second edition of Musicals of the Twenty-First Century: How They Happened, When They Happened. In addition to her literary work, she is an avid performer. Most recently, she became a proud member of the Opera Collective of NYC.

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