How can you do French braids with bangs?


Making different hairstyles for each occasion will be a dream for every woman to make them look pretty good among the crowd. The French braid is a kind of classical hairstyle where everybody can wear it no matter the cut of your hair you have made. You can even do French braids with bangs but you need to know about some of the tricks involved in it to get the best result by following the best steps.

Preparation of hair

The first step is you need to prepare your hair along with the bangs as like how you wanted them to look. You need to brush your hair in a downward direction so that it will stand straight while you make the braids. You need not worry about the dryness or wit that is present in your head you can make this bridge at any type of hair.


To make the best grades hairstyle you need to partition your hair in a particular inch size. Make sure that you collect each section of your hair in the row line properly. While you do your partitioning work you need to consider the length of your hair instead you can make small braids in that video also by collecting them towards the larger ones.


Each piece that you have collected has to be separated into three so that you can make the braids in it. Make sure that the separation you have done has equal density well one will be less or more than the other.


bangsThis is the final stage where you need to tie all three sections together so that you can get a clear braid. While you tie your hair make sure that you make the left section to get in first and the middle one to get left and following to that the right way to get inside and the center want to get outside. In this way, you need to follow the procedures routinely so that you will be able to find your hair like a tangled knot.

Followed by this you need to connect them with the new hair that is available at the sides of your head. Finally, you need to bring all of your hair to get inside the braid and you can tie a knot at the end of your hair.

Final thoughts

With the help of this article, you would have come to know about the different ways to braid bangs and also the procedures on how to do them. You can try them at home to get yourself make up for a party.