How can you make use of a banana hair mask for damaged hair?


The banana contains a lot of beneficial substances that will enhance the growth of your hair and also treat your hair in the best way. This will make the root of your hair to become thick and also will improve the specialty of your hair. To treat your damaged hair you can make use of the banana and you can add some of the essential things that will help you in the group and also step out of damaged hair. There are some of the DIY banana hair masks for damaged hair to know clearly about it you can continue reading this article.

Procedures to follow

banana as a natural agentYou can peel off the banana and take them separately in a bowl. It will not be possible for you to apply them as such so then you can make use of any kind of essential oils which you think will be best for your use.

You just need to add that oil to the banana and give a good mix. Later you have to take a little quantity from it and apply them to your hair and mainly to the damaged hair region.

You must give a good massage to the damaged hair region for about 5 minutes. Later you can wait for some time and you can wash your hair with water. After you dry your hair you will be able to find a lot of changes that are taking place in your hair.


Banana contains a lot of healthy substances that are necessary for the damaged hair to get well within a short duration.

This is cost-effective value need not spend a lot of your money to buy a banana. Depending on a product based on a banana from the market should not be done all the time instead you can make use of a natural product that is available in your home to make the best effect on your hair.

Above explained are some of the essential benefits of banana for hair which will give you a good result more than you have expected. You will be able to find the changes that are happening in you when you make use of natural products rather than using a product from the market.

Final thoughts

These are some of the DIY tips that you can follow to make use of the banana as a natural agent for repairing your damaged hair simply and elegantly.